(SEATTLE, WA) Global online retail and cloud services giant Amazon has finally settled on the neighboring town of Bremerton, Washington as the home for its second global headquarters.

Speculation has been rife for many months as to where Amazon would select as its new site, with many US states and cities offering lucrative incentives such as tax offsets and turning a blind eye to labor laws. China also offered considerable human resources at FoxConn prices were Amazon to select Shenzhen in the Guangdong Province. At one point Europa, a moon of Jupiter was also considered however a message broadcast back in 2010 forced the scout team to consider alternatives.

While the city of Seattle has recently introduced legislation for a minimum wage that places it higher than the national average, Amazon second headquarters chief architect Bevel Lemelisk called out a number of benefits by keeping the new location so close.

Key among these benefits is proximity to Naval Base Kitsap, a U.S. Navy base that provides decommissioning services on retired naval vessels. Lemelisk cited the ability to leverage the base for large amounts of steel from former aircraft carriers as well as nuclear fuels and warheads as being primary manufacturing materials for the new offices, commonly referred by its Latin name “Stella Mortem”.

Additional benefits highlighted would be the ability for staff to still see their families, and to save on postage between offices; the latter being a sore point according to the interim U.S. President who believes the company places an underpaid and unnecessary burden on the U.S. Postal Service.

Stella Mortem is expected to launch open in 2020, with Lemelisk expecting it to be the most powerful Amazon platform in the entire galaxy region.