(SAN FRANCISCO, CA) In a change of branding strategy, communications technology giant Cisco has chosen to rebrand its cloud collaboration suite ‘Cisco Spark’ to ‘WebEx Teams’.

Citing a lack of brand awareness amongst users, Jason Pigeon, a spokesperson for Cisco said that its clients simply didn’t know what Cisco Spark was, and that WebEx was a more identifiable brand amongst corporate users.

“We tried really hard to make Cisco a household brand by saturating the show ’24’ with product placements that had no place being there, but clearly it hasn’t taken. People get WebEx. They’ve used it, they know it, so it makes sense that our collaboration platform should use the better established branding.” said Pigeon.

Pigeon further explained that Cisco had chosen to use the term ‘Teams’ as a natural extension to show that it is like Microsoft Teams, but their own version.

“Microsoft were smart. They took a common word and turned it into a product name with Microsoft Teams, which means that people always refer to their product whether they want to or not. We tried that with ‘Spark’ but people just didn’t get what we meant. We’re hoping to capture our piece of the conversation by also using ‘Teams’ in the product name.” explained Pigeon.

Following the trend, relative newcomer to the field, Australian-born Atlassian announced their re-branding of ‘Stride’ to ‘Atlassian Teams’. “The product is new and yet to take off the in the market, so we figured why not keep trying to take market share from Microsoft not just by emulating their functionality, but by copying their product name too?” said a spokesperson for Atlassian claimed from his office in a craft brewery.

It is understood that Slack also aims to rebrand its flagship product as ‘Slack Teams’ however the decision is not yet final due to customers concerns around the how users may interpret the connotation.

Google, having only recently launched ‘Hangouts Chat’ as part of its G-Suite were reluctant to comment, however under condition of anonymity a partner told The Gopher Files that there had been talk amongst the community that it would be rebranded to Google Team Hangouts. “Microsoft aren’t the only ones who can take ownership of common words for their product names.” he said. Google could not be reached for comment.