(MENLO PARK, CA) Ignoring recent concerns around data privacy and breaches, Facebook announced that it aims to debut its own home voice assistant speaker at CES in 2019.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg pointed to the rise in popularity of voice assistants by Google, Amazon, Apple and even Microsoft as the impetus to create their own product.

“We live in a world were data is king. That data is what connects people to each other, and that is the core of what Facebook does, and we do it better than anyone.” said Zuckerberg.

While voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant and Cortana usually need to be triggered by a ‘wake word’, the Facebook device will be continually listening and recording to all conversation, and even ambient noise.

Zuckerberg called out the hypocracy of consumers for using voice assistants in their homes, cars, phones and watches, yet getting slightly ruffled at the news of Facebook’s recent data breach.

“It’s not fair that these other companies amass data from every facet of users lives, yet we have to rely on only collecting it from the times they use our apps. And partner websites. And devices that our apps run on. And friends apps. And friends devices. Our goal is to allow our users to have a virtual assistant that truly knows who they are – not just what they want to buy or what music they want to play.”

A spokesperson for Facebook said that the company hopes that by the time CES comes around in January 2019 that people will have forgotten about the Cambridge Analytica “hiccup” and will rush out to purchase their voice assistant.