(SAN JOSE, CA) Social giants LinkedIn and Twitter have joined forces to address one of the common challenges of the modern business area: sharing status updates with the intent of making followers jealous.

Known as “Look at Me”, or LaM for short, the feature aims to cut down the amount of times sellers, marketers, evangelists, thought leaders, public speakers, innovators, and any other user for that matter, has to spend posting to social networks.

Users will be provided with pre-defined templates that include a number of common hashtags used in various situations.

For sales meetings, suggested tags would include: #customerfirst #grind #advocate #ravingfans #hustle #blessed.

For presentations, users can leverage: #makingadifference #advocate #hustle #blessed.

For posting from a plane using in-flight WiFi, social users will be able to select from a vast library of photos showing plane wings and clouds, backs of seats, in-flight entertainment system screens, as well as shots of legs depicting the amount of legroom available. Also available will be commonly-used hashtags such as: #lifeintheclouds #thisismyoffice #digitalnomad #hustle #blessed.

(Photo: United + Gopher Files)

A similar visual library will be available for those wanting to show themselves working from cafes, by the pool or beach, in the mountains, and other picturesque locations with supporting hashtags being #lifeworkbalance #modernworkplace #thisismyoffice #hustle #blessed.

And for users who simply want to tell their followers how busy they are, the feature will be able to generate random posts utilising Machine Learning to analyse historical posts to understand language that would resonate most with followers. Examples would be talking about deadlines, volume of work, work/life balance, community service and charitable activities, and of course including key the key hashtags: #hustle and #blessed.

Both social giants have also stated that users will be able to add custom hashtags, however are confident there should be no need as they know what followers want to see based on their deep social analysis of posting data.

The Machine Learning algorithms are also expected to understand the nature of the work the users do and will apply industry-specific hashtags such as #cloud #productivity #modernmarketing #bots #iot #digitaltransformation #adoption, and many others based on industry buzzwords at the time.

The LaM feature is expected to roll out in phases beginning the second half of 2018, to coincide with new financial years beginning in a number of markets that generally leads to a flurry of online activities as budgets and targets reset. The most highly active posers will receive the feature first to allow product managers to review and adjust, before allowing less important social users to access the feature.