(LOS ANGELES, CA) Hollywood director Michael Bay has announced a new chapter in the Transformers movie franchise, one that he believes will capture a greater audience than fan boys and sci-fi geeks.

Titled ‘Digital Transformers’, Bay hopes the movie will grow beyond Transformers Cinematic Universe (TCU) and appeal to the average human who works in organisations currently subjected to the digital transformation hype cycle.

“The current TCU is getting tired and old. We’re currently working on a Bumblebee spin-off and expect to reboot the entire franchise in the next year or so, but audiences are getting bored with seeing robots fighting it out with human action stars yelling while an American flag waves and cars explode around them in slow motion. We’re looking to capture a new generation and market of fans who want to see new things, well, at least new versions of old things. Or things they’ve had for a while but just never used before and are only now starting to realise.” Bay said at a recent press conference.

It is expected the movie will follow the format of award-winning cinematic office-based dramas such as The Post and Spotlight, while leveraging Bays traditional trademark explosions and mass destruction.

“We want this to be a thinking-person’s Transformers” claimed Bay. “There’s a whole new language out there thanks to ‘digital transformation’, so the script really writes itself.”

The movie is expected to be released in 2019.