(LOS GATOS, CA) Netflix Inc has struck a deal with Alphabet to license its Google Glass technology for use with its subscription service.

A spokesperson for the company, Roland Fischer, claimed that the licensing agreement creates new avenues for subscribers to consume content: “We heard from our customers that they love the ability to binge content, but it was affecting their personal lives. Thanks to the technology made available by Google Glass, subscribers will be able to watch their favorite Netflix shows will still giving the appearance of making eye contact.”

Many subscribers praised the move as the right step forward towards a world where they can do more than just ‘Netflix and chill’.

“I love having an entire season of Jessica Jones made available, but I have work, friends and kids. These glasses will allow me to still be involved in those moments without having to miss out on valuable Netflix bingeing time. At the end of the day I’ve only got so many hours in the weekend so this is the perfect way to consume over 10 hours of content while still being there for my family.” said Netflix subscriber @KidsandChill in a two-part tweet.


Parenting groups have also heralded the move. “Binge watching Netflix mature content on the weekend is like the new sex; you don’t want your kids to catch you in the act. Having Netflix available on Google Glass will let parents watch mature-age shows without fear of their kids being exposed to seeing something that isn’t appropriate for their age.” said Herman Joyce, CEO of Parents Take Priority.


Addressing the negative perception towards Glass when Google initially ran its pilot, Fischer reassured subscribers “We’re disabling a lot of the Google functionality in the Glass devices so there will be no need to call wearers ‘glassholes’. While we’re still leaving location and usage tracking enabled, as well as facial recognition and audio recording – it is purely to enhance the data we have on our subscribers, which in turn allows us to tailor our premium content to their needs. We’re hoping people instead will call our wearers ‘flixers’, but we’re still working on that.”


Netflix expects to make Glass available to customers in time for Christmas. Fischer cited production constraints by Alphabet: “They need to remember where they put the keys to the factory and get it working again, but we’re hopeful to hit our production targets by the holiday season.”