(REDMOND, WA) As the latest feature update to Windows 10 – known as April 2018 Update – begins rolling out to users globally, some have reported that the new Timeline feature has given them the ability to go back as far as Windows XP.

On the update announcement post on the Windows site, the feature is described as: “Timeline can help you get back this wasted time, by helping you easily find what matters to you across your devices.”

Not all users were frustrated with the roll back to Windows XP, some stating that the dated operating system initially released in 2001 was the ‘golden era’ of Windows, and that Microsoft should have never changed. “I can see why some airlines and banks haven’t upgraded from Windows XP yet. Being able to use the Timeline feature to go back in time shows me how amazing this 17-year-old operating system still is” said one user on Reddit.

On Twitter one user found he was able to roll back to Windows 8.1 on both his PC and mobile device. “This is fantastic, it’s just like Nokia Lumia devices and the Surface RT never went away!” said user @WindowsPhanBoy

Some users have attempted to make timeline go as far back as Windows 3.1 however have been unsuccessful, as it appears Timeline can only roll back to operating systems which had a ‘Start’ button.

More on this story as it develops.