(REDMOND, WA) In a last minute addition to its recent reorganization, Microsoft announced that the Microsoft Teams team would be moved underneath the Yammer team.

Since the Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida in 2017, Microsoft and its extended army of marketers made up of partners and Most Valuable Professionals (MVPs) have been touting the “inner and outer loop” model as a way to understand where conversations should be started.

A spokesman for the Office Division stated “it makes logical sense that if Yammer is the outer loop, then all inner loops should sit inside of it – Microsoft Teams is no exception to this”.

The change is heralded as an victory to those who have continued to argue that Yammer is not going anywhere, especially after the significant investment in the platform originating to its 1.2 billion dollar acquisition cost.

While many have stated that Yammer no longer has a place in a world with Microsoft Teams given that it offers similar functionality, Microsoft sought to clear the air by calling out that all users of Microsoft 365 are really part of one giant community – and therefore part of the outer loop.

Engineering teams have already begun working together and integrating functionality, as well looking to re-brand Microsoft Teams to become Microsoft Yammer Teams Pro.

As part of the efforts to further promote cross-product functionality and cater to the needs of organisations with differing levels of requirements and integration, six levels of platform functionality will be made available starting from Microsoft Yammer Teams Pro P1 through to P6. It is unknown at this point which levels will be included in the various Office 365 SKUs that range from E1 to E5, or whether a new E6 will be unveiled in the coming months.

Gus Flowers and David Stepherson, joint Product/Program Engineering/Marketing Managers for Microsoft Yammer Teams Pro, released joint statements on Twitter echoing the sentiments for a unified platform and citing an end to the ongoing feud between Microsoft partners and MVPs about which product is best suited.

Several MVPs who spoke with The Gopher Files under condition of anonymity raised concerns over the unification of products, stating that there would be less demand for them to continue creating infographics attempting to explain which product to use when, which may lead to a loss of lucrative speaking opportunities and writing engagements.

It is expected that further information will be made available after the keynote of Microsoft Inspire 2018 to be held in Las Vegas later this year, where partners will be attending to learn the amount of billion-dollar market share they can seek to capitalise on.